Kindly download the UDAAN App :

Watch these dear future doctor.
Within the next 10 min, you will be an expert in using the app


No, you can login to one device at a time. This is done in view of the security reasons.

1. Go to www.neetudaan.com
2. Login with the same phone number you used/ registered while using the UDAAN app.
3. You can give the tests on the Laptop

No, due to security issues, we have disabled the use of Laptop for viewing videos.

Yes, follow the steps

1. Download the My Institute App : https://apps.apple.com/in/app/my-institute/id1472483563.
2. Open the app and enter the Org. Code as "nudaan".
3. The iOS app workson a very similar interface as the Android app.

For being familiar with the app kindly watch this 10 min video :

Mediflix give you the access to the LIVE + RECORDED Lectures
UDAAN 2.0 = Power Course Recorded Lectures + LIVE LECTURES + All India Test Series ( UITS ) + High Yield DPPs

There is no need of any batch and all material including the test series can be accessed from the course section itself

Kindly send this query onto the Telegram +91 85955 61341, You will be responded within 48 hours. Kindly have patience.

All the subjects will be covered within 150 hours, ensuring you the best and CRISP content so that you can spare time for self study.

All the courses ( UITS / Mediflix / UDAAN 2.0 ) are valid till 26th July, 2020.

Yes, Definitely, as the teachers say compete with the 2020 aspirants. All the time after NEET 20, take it as a bonus and you surely will go great as you will have at least 8 months to improve your mistakes.

Yes, but for only those who are TARGETING AIIMS, Delhi.

No, ( however if you have deep interest in study and wish to perform Exceptionally well in NEET, only then enrol)

Join UITS only. Take UDAAN 2.0 if you have some doubts in concepts of certain chapters

You can ask the doubts during the LIVE class on the DOUBT CLEARING Telegram Group only accessible to UDAAN 2.0/ Mediflix users.

All the study content is systematically arranged on the channel. Just scroll to the top and start studying.

Don't worry study till the validity of the course. When we launch the courses for NEET21/22, you will be given special privileges/ discount.

( TELEGRAM ONLY ) : +91 85955 61341

Yes you can on their instagramaccounts however they may reply very due theirprior engagements.

Kindly ask during the LIVE classes onto the DOUBT CLEARING GROUP on Telegram.

This is done so that other students do not get deviated by the notifications and can focus on study. If you have any queries, you can telegram directly onto the telegram helpline number. You will be reverted within 48 hours surely. Just have patience.

Kindly go to the Announcements section of the course you have enrolled in. There is a PDF for the UITS Schedule.

This is done so that the authenticityof the results is ensured.

Yes, it is available onto the Batch Open to All, however you would not be getting an All India Rank for the same.

Less than 10% content of the course is freely made available in the benefit of the students who cannot afford it. We believe that thebare minimum BASIC CONCEPTS lectures should be open to all irrespective of whether they have enrolled or not. Our mission is to provide you complete hand holding. Making money has never and will be never our Priority. The venture UDAAN has been initiated by the people who already are doctor and are already financially independent.

The contact number with which you Register onto the app is your roll number and it cannot be changed.You can login with the same number and provide your daughterthe required OTP.

The AIR rank is available within 36 hours of the end of the deadline of the test. You can see it as well as get the analysis of the attempted test by going to the Profile>> Performance>> Test (you wish to know your analysis)No, you can login to one device at a time. This is done in view of the security reasons.

Yes,it is available on the EXCLUSIVE TELEGRAM CHANNEL after 36 hours of end of UIT deadline.